Treasures of Moray: What's new with Moray Finds?

20 September 2024

Dr George Prew provides an update on recent finds from Moray and the Treasure Trove process.

This talk gives a quick overview of how the Treasure Trove system works, what the Treasure Trove Unit does, who they are, and some of the big changes to the unit over the last year, before showing and talking through particularly interesting cases of objects which have come through the process from Moray in the last few years.

Dr George Prew is a Treasure Trove Officer focusing on Moray, Orkney, Shetland, and The Lothians. His research interests centre on dress and death, as brought out in his recently-concluded PhD thesis which analyses communities in Iron Age Italy through how they dressed their corpses. Within the Treasure Trove Unit, he has a particular interest in Late Medieval enamelled objects, heraldry, small lead finds, and shot.

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