Special Event

Jewellery making with Ancient Crafts 

28 July 2024
11am - 4pm

Create your own Bronze Age jewellery using a range of techniques that would have been available over 5000 years ago.

Find out how people in the Bronze Age used a variety of materials to create a range of personal ornamentation, from bangles, buttons, belt rings, beads and pendants! Which artefact will you choose to replicate?

The day will begin with a 1 hour introductory talk to jewellery in the Bronze Age, covering materials, UK artefacts and manufacturing techniques. Participants will then spend the morning practising a variety of techniques to create a shale bead before moving onto working with jet and/or amber to create a replica of their own. In the afternoon there will also be an option to learn how to make prehistoric cordage from natural fibres if the participants wish to string their jewellery.

Emma Jones specialises in creating replica prehistoric jewellery from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age. Having recently completed a replica of the Poltalloch Jet Necklace, Emma is fascinated by the tools and techniques our prehistoric makers would have used to create the artefacts that have been found across the UK.

Learn more about the work of Emma and Ancients Crafts here https://www.ancientcraft.co.uk/

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