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HISTORIC TALK – Charles II by Dr. Gareth Williams

Bramall Hall, Stockport, Stockport
21 September 2023

HISTORIC TALK – Charles II by Dr. Gareth Williams

King Charles was 12 when civil war broke out and found himself having to fight furiously alongside his father. Becoming skilled in the arts of war and leadership he was commander of his own troops at just 14 years of age. He fled into exile in 1646 setting foot in France and then in Holland. King Charles I was executed, and Charles II was proclaimed King. He led a hopeful army into England in 1651 but was defeated, hid in an oak tree and escaped dressed as a servant to France. After the death of Cromwell. Charles was restored and crowned in Westminster Abbey on 23rd April 1661. As King he now intended to live life to the full. He married Katherine of Braganza who sadly produced only three stillborn children. However, his eight official mistresses produced at least 16 children between them. He was much loved and described as “The Merrie Monarch”. As a great supporter of the early scientists and all the arts, he did much to encourage learning and brought England’s glory on wonderfully well. You will see King Charles II come to life.

About the speaker:

Dr Gareth Williams studied history at the universities of St Andrews and Bergen. He specialises in the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, with a particular emphasis on how coinage can be combined with other archaeological and historical sources for the study of the period. He has published extensively in this field and won the Lhotka Memorial Prize of the Royal Numismatic Society.

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