Special Event

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night by Illyria

Bramall Hall, Stockport, Stockport
25 June 2023
17:30 - 20:00

Outdoor Theatre event suitable for ages 8+

Bring your camping chair and a splash of bubbly to celebrate the start of summer! Bramall Hall is delighted to welcome back Illyria for their theatre peformance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Following a shipwreck, Viola is washed-up in Illyria, where her only chance for survival is to make use of her quick wit and fine singing voice, disguising herself as a man and applying to work in the court of Duke Orsino. The lovesick Orsino sends 'him' to Lady Olivia to woo her on his behalf, but Viola's efforts are so successful that Olivia falls for Viola rather than Orsino. Meanwhile Olivia's carousing uncle Sir Toby Belch crosses swords with her steward Malvolio and devises a wicked plan to humiliate him. It could all end in tears - even if most of them are laughter. Illyria presents an evening of yearning romance, music and sheer joy - all performed on a stage inspired by those of the Elizabethan touring troupes.

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