COMMUNAL: People, Together, at the Seaside, at Home

Aspex Portsmouth, Portsmouth
25 June 2023
10.30am - 2.30pm

Join printmaker Nusye McComish of Southsea Eyes for a printmaking workshop, as part of the COMMUNAL programme.

Join experienced printmaker Nusye McComish of Southsea Eyes for an engaging 3-hour printmaking workshop, where you'll harness the charm of battleship grey linoblock and rubber block techniques to create stunning, personal prints.

Using high-quality materials, you'll transfer your designs onto our exclusive, hand-bound sketchbooks, forming a unique and personal keepsake from your artistic journey. The workshop encompasses more than just the physical act of printmaking. It's an opportunity to delve into the therapeutic process of creativity, focusing on mental well-being and the joy of 'making'. In this relaxed, welcoming space, you'll find the tranquillity to explore, create, and uncover new passions. By the end of the workshop, you will not only walk away with a beautiful, handcrafted print but also enhanced skills and confidence in printmaking. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and inspiration to continue your printmaking journey at home.

This workshop is designed to appeal to all abilities, making the art of printmaking accessible to everyone aged 17 and above.


This workshop costs £50 to attend, with all materials provided. As an arts charity, Aspex Portsmouth appreciate any additional donations to ensure we can continue delivering our rich programme of activities and events designed to support the local community.

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