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Day Course: Barbara Hepworth 'Maternity, Music and Movement'

Towner Eastbourne, Eastbourne
23 June 2023
11:00 - 15:00

Join us to explore key themes arising from the Barbara Hepworth Art & Life exhibition in an inclusive, supportive and friendly environment across three modular day courses.

Session 2: Maternity, Music and Movement

‘Everything that goes to make up my usual working day. These things are immensely important to me… My home and my children; listening to music, and thinking about its relation to the life of forms, the need for dancing as recreation, and where dancing links with the actual physical rhythm of carving; the intense pleasure derived from tools and craftsmanship – all these things are daily expressions of the whole.’

Barbara Hepworth, 1952

In this session, we will look at how Hepworth’s experience of motherhood fed directly into her working practice, exploring the work she made following the birth of her son, Paul, in 1929, and of her triplets in 1934.

Hepworth’s lifelong passion for music led to a collaboration with the composer, Michael Tippett, on the design for his opera Midsummer Marriage, and we will look at this specific example, as well as the general significance of music and rhythm in a selection of other works.

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