COMMUNAL: Rangknit with Pooja Shah

Aspex Portsmouth, Portsmouth
27 April - 2 June 2023
16:00 - 18:00

Join a knitting workshop led by artist Pooja Shah, as part of our COMMUNAL programme.

Knitting is considered as a practice that promotes as well as creates strong social and cultural bonds. Traditionally, knitting has always been associated with womenfolk knitting within their homes. However, since the revival, contemporary knitters have challenged this image bringing more approaches, and places to knit.

Today, as people are constantly on the move, questions of ‘who knits, why they knit and where they knit’ becomes relevant. Knitting that happens within home, often reduces into objects that are used to decorate homes; forgetting the history of how knitted objects (such as socks, hats, mittens, sweaters, scarfs, etc.) reminded the soldiers on the frontline of their left home and families. Home for them then no longer remained a place that they left behind, rather it became a feeling. A feeling that today when a migrant travel far away from her/his homeland often crave; resulting in re-creating their left home into new home via carrying of objects, attires, things, etc.

Through these community workshops, Shah wants to bring together academicians who knit, practitioners who knit or want to knit, amateur knitters and non-knitters who want to learn, to create a tapestry of experience and tactile story of the city. Come share your story and approach while learning something new!

Find out more about the COMMUNAL programme here

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