Nature's Brushes (9-12yrs)

Fabrica, Brighton
12 April 2023
1pm - 2.15pm

A relaxed and sociable workshop that encourages young people to use their imagination and explore their own creativity.

Try something new this Easter break with some fun and experimental workshops, led by a professional artist facilitator at Fabrica’s beautiful gallery space. Delivered as part of The Wild Escape, we are exploring and celebrating UK wildlife and creativity, in the lead up to Earth Day 2023!

We will test and experiment with creating mark-making tools from objects found in nature. See how different textures and shapes create different marks on the paper and use these to make large scale drawings in Fabrica’s beautiful gallery space.

This workshop is for children age 9-12yrs at Fabrica, a contemporary art gallery based in a former church.

£6 per child plus booking fee.

Parents/guardians are able to leave their children on site - take advantage of the surrounding shops and cafes for a well-earned break. If you prefer, you are also welcome to stay on site at Fabrica during the session where hot drinks and snacks will be available for purchase at our in-house charity cafe.

Be part of The Wild Escape, a nationwide celebration of UK nature inspired by the wildlife found in museum and galleries. The Wild Escape is made possible with support from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants, with additional support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, Kusuma Trust, Foyle Foundation and a group of generous individuals and trusts. 

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