The Vikings are coming!

The North Lincolnshire Museum, Scunthorpe
27 - 28 March 2023
10.30am - 12noon
Free to all

A 2 day course for adults to find out about Viking history and battles

A chance to find out about Viking history and battles, using maps of Britain and the North Lincolnshire area, you will chart the progress of the Viking invasion then create your own battle plan for an effective attack. Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to develop your map skills, use of directional language and use coordinates to translate and rotate shapes.

The course is designed to build confidence when applying skills around shape and space in a practical and engaging way.

The course is designed to support participants with their maths skills through a number of engaging map based activities.

The sessions are free to attend and available to all adults above 19 years.

This programme is funded by the Multiply Fund. To find out more please visit,that%20fit%20around%20their%20lives.

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