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The Wild Escape will be brought to life in an epic-scale collective digital artwork launching on Earth Day 22 April 2023. It will be live until the end of Great Big Green Week in June, so you can follow creatures through their new digital wild world.

Simply scan or photograph your artwork to create a colour image
A grown-up needs to send the image(s) to, including what creature it is
They will be sent a unique code for each individual submission to help you find your creatures in their new digital home when it launches on Earth Day
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Find our forgotten creatures… and bring them to life!

You might know that we have been trying to create a new artwork as part of a nationwide project called The Wild Escape. Something that showcases UK wildlife; from the animals you see in our galleries and museums to all that live outside in our local environment. 

We must tell you that we have struggled. Everything we came up with for the artwork was something we had seen before.  We realised we needed to find our unseen and overlooked creatures, but how could we include what we couldn’t see? 

That is why we are turning to you, to ask for your help. We need your fresh eyes and curious minds. What are we not seeing in our own displays and exhibits? Are there hidden animals in a drawing? Or insects tiled onto the floors? We know that the majority of the UKs wildlife goes unseen and unnoticed, but what are we missing right here under our own noses? 

Here’s how you can help us find our forgotten creatures; 

  1. Explore the corridors and corners around you and find a forgotten creature. Painted, drawn, embroidered or stuffed, anything that you think we’ve overlooked. 

  2. Once you have found your creature, draw it. Add as much detail to it as possible. 

  3. Take a picture of your drawing and go to this website website here 

  4. On the website you’ll find a portal to a world where what you draw will be brought to life! Where it will move and live freely amongst many other creatures and most importantly, be seen

  5. Your drawing will be part of a new artwork, created by you! 

  6. If you are ready to get going either put some headphones on or just listen to our friend Konnie on her search here. 

  7. Keep listening in as you search and once you have found forgotten creatures here, get searching outside; look up at the birds peeping down at you and keep an eye out for nervous voles and scampering ants, let’s not let any creatures be forgotten again! 

Thank you very much for your help, now go, look, see what we can’t and show us the world that we have forgotten.  

Please note this is an example card and not a reflection of the final product

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