This historic silk mill is an important industrial landmark that celebrates and reflects the rich history of weaving.

Situated on Frog Island, surrounded by the River Test, Whitchurch Silk Mill is one of the only surviving mills of its kind. Dating back to the late-Victorian era, the mill includes a historic creel – a hanging clothes drier – a weaving shed and original mill wheel. The weaving shed remains laid out as it would have been in the late 1800s, where many looms would have been crammed into a small space to increase productivity and decrease costs. From the mill wheel you can explore how a system of interconnecting gears and shafts transmit power to the silk winding frames, and inside you can marvel at the long, laborious process of threading a loom.

You can also enjoy a picturesque river café, a charming shop including treasures made using the mill’s historic machinery, and lovely gardens with views over the river. Make sure to be on the lookout for wildlife on the Nature Trail, as the river is full of fish and water creatures. Plus a programme of events and exhibitions explore tapestry, local crafting, the history of silk and even ghost hunting!

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