Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Jersey, JE2 3NF

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The museum is a great introduction to life on the island.

Enjoy the perfectly restored Victorian merchant's town house and explore the story of Jersey from the first inhabitants approximately 250,000 years ago to the German occupation in the Second World War. It contains the island's finest treasures, including a priceless Bronze Age gold torc, Millais's famous portrait of Lillie Langtry and Claude Cahun's extraordinary photographs. The art gallery plays host to a series of exhibitions throughout the year.

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2 Jan – 10 Mar Sat,10am ​– 4pm 11 Mar – 30 Oct Daily,10am ​– 5pm 31 Oct – 30 Dec Daily, 10am –​ 4pm Closed 1 Jan, 24 – 26 Dec, 31 Dec and 1 Jan 2017

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