Huguenot Museum

Kent, ME1 1LX

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The first and only museum of Huguenot history in the country, it tells an important story of Britain’s first refugees.

As Protestants living in Catholic France, the Huguenots struggled to find acceptance for more than three centuries. While some kings were sympathetic and allowed them to practice their religion under strict controls, others subjected them to persecution. By 1685 Huguenots in France had to give up their faith, hide their religion or escape. Many fled to England, where they were well-received thanks to their skills in finance, industry, medicine, arts and crafts.

The Huguenot Museum was established in 2014, initiated by its sister charity the French Hospital which provides care for Huguenot descendants. Displays tell the stories of the Huguenots in Britain, exploring their contribution to the development of the nation.

The museum provides a home for the French Hospital Collection, which includes paintings, silver, documents, silk samples and personal items that were owned by the Huguenots and their descendants.

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Wed – Sat, 10am – 5pm..
Bank Holiday Mondays, 10am – 4pm. We are also open on Rochester Festival Weekends. Please see website for details. Last admission 45 minutes before closing.

Closed Sun – Tue

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