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Hollytrees Museum


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A domestic time capsule, Hollytrees examines family and childhood as it has developed over the last 300 years in Colchester, from furniture, clothing and interior design to local history.

This gorgeous Georgian townhouse is nestled in Castle Park, surrounded by idyllic gardens. Through a rolling programme of exhibitions, events and displays, the museum explores the history of Colchester over the last 300 years, particularly focusing on family life and childhood. Exhibitions cover a range of topics from modern art to archaeology or period costume and the making of clocks.

Originally built in 1718, the house that stands now is an amalgamation of developments and restorations that took place over the last 300 years, most recently a major redevelopment in 2001 brought the museum to life with new visitor facilities and the creation of current displays.

Learn the origins of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, originally written in Colchester, explore Bernard Mason’s exquisite clock collection, or wander Hollytrees in miniature through the dollhouse. Journey back in time and get a flavour for domestic life in a time before washing machines, the internet and our modern home comforts.

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