Chirk Castle

Wrexham, LL14 5AF

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Chirk Castle began life 700 years ago as a magnificent medieval fortress.

Chirk Castle, Wrexham

It is now the last Edward I Welsh fortress, commanding views over nine counties. It was later transformed into a family home, when sold to Sir Thomas Myddelton in 1595, retaining its medieval dungeon and garderobes. Sir Thomas's descendents still remain in the Castle.

Within Chirk's forbidding entrance gates and towers is housed a fascinating collection of portraits, tapestries and Adam-style furniture. The interior decorations span Baroque, Neoclassical and Gothic Revival styles, and the grounds feature award-winning gardens and topiary.

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The Chirk Cabinet, also known as the Charles II Cabinet, is a 17th-century Dutch cabinet which was given to Sir Thomas Myddelton by Charles II for his loyalty to the Royalist cause. It is constructed from ebony inlaid with tortoiseshell and ivory, and the drop-front is decorated with filigree-like silver. Both the interior and the exterior are decorated with paintings from the studio of Frans Francken the younger.

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