Spotlight on: Holburne Museum

Published 1 August 2012

We discuss charming collectors, goat's cheese and aging gracefully with Bath's newly-renovated museum.

With a brand-new extension by architect Eric Parry, the Art Fund Prize-longlisted Holburne Museum brings cutting-edge architecture to the Georgian grandeur of Bath. We sat down with the newly-renovated museum to discuss charming collectors, goat's cheese and aging gracefully…

Age: 130, but had some work done and feeling sprightly.

Describe yourself in three words: Friendly, free and fabulous.

What is your most treasured possession? Our gorgeous bathing Venus: cast in bronze in 16th-century Florence, owned by Cardinal Richelieu and Louis XIV in 17th-century France and now at home in 21st-century Bath.

Your most famous visitor is? Jane Austen came before we did; Keira Knightly came in costume.

What is your best café creation? Today it was our goat’s cheese, roasted pepper, rocket and tapenade focaccia sandwich but tomorrow, who knows?

Any museum pets? Ellie, an elegant four-legged lady of uncertain years found at the heels of our Chairman.

One thing that could make you better is... even more Friends (we love you all)!

You have a museum crush on... We go all wobbly when we are with other collectors in intimate surroundings (yes, we mean you Mr Soane and Mr Frick)!

What do you most dislike about your appearance? There’s a nasty wall between us and the park whose days are numbered.

You’re most happy when… happy crowds are rifling through our drawers.

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