Half-way through fig-2: Five things you need to know

Published 22 June 2015

As fig-2 launches its 25th weekly exhibition, we share a few facts about the ICA Studio's marathon art project.

1. Ninety percent of the fig-2 exhibits are new commissions.

fig-2 commissions new work from artists or exhibits works that have never been shown in the UK before – so it's a chance to see something completely new. For instance, the 12th week of the project saw the author Tom McCarthy collaborate with Laura Hopkins to transform the ICA Studio into the living and working environment of the protagonist of his latest novel, Satin Island. The next 25 weeks will bring 25 shows with new works or those previously unseen in the UK.

2. Open Call for students is open until end of June.

Undergraduate and Masters students are invited to submit exhibition proposals for the penultimate week of the project. It is an opportunity not only to show your work alongside some of the world's leading artists, but also to create your dream show at the ICA Studio. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 30 June.

3. Laura Eldret will return for the 50th week.

In the first week of fig-2 Laura Eldret exhibited 3 | The Juicers, which looked at production as a process for social exchange. The show included a series of rugs that the artist commissioned during her time in a Mexican pueblo. The rugs were especially designed to reflect the stories that she had experienced or overheard. They came to explore societal issues; the tensions between modernity and tradition, custom and individuality, expectation and opinion. For the final week of fig-2, Eldret will be back with a major new video work based on this project.

4. Five more public seminars will be held in the next half of fig-2.

As part of the collaboration between the Art Fund and fig-2, there will be five more public seminars; one every month from July through to December. The seminars are part of a series that explores curation, with each tutorial focusing on a specific theme.

5. Five thousand glasses of specially composed Sipsmiths London Gin cocktails have been drunk so far.

The imaginative nature of the project extends beyond the art displayed; in true cross-disciplinary spirit, it also extends to the refreshments. Every Monday before a new show opens, the respective artist is asked to provide a description of the gin cocktail that they feel will accompany their works most exquisitely. The drinks are then made and served at the exhibition’s opening.

This week, Cecilia Bengolea, Celia Hempton and Prem Sahib are exhibiting at fig-2, ICA Studio.

The project will run until 20 December.

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