Spectacular Do Ho Suh sculpture installed in Bristol

Published 16 January 2015

New York City Apartment/Corridor/Bristol by Do Ho Suh, an installation commissioned by Bristol Museum and Art Gallery through Art Fund International, will go on display at the museum this spring.

Born in South Korea, Do Ho Suh moved to America at a young age. The shock of being displaced from his home country, both physically and culturally, is central to his art.

Suh recreates urban spaces – furniture, rooms, or entire buildings – but at an unexpected scale, or from unusual materials. His works serve as mementos of the spaces they represent, exploring Suh's sense of separation, migration and alienation in his adopted home.

For New York City Apartment/Corridor/Bristol, Suh recreated the corridor of his New York apartment building in green and red polyester. Taken out of its original context, rendered translucent by the materials, the work is an architectural ghost of the original space.

The installation was commissioned with help from a major grant through the Art Fund International programme. It will be exhibited at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery until late September.

Stephen Deuchar, director of the Art Fund, said: 'This was an exciting and ambitious commission and we were pleased to support it.

'I urge visitors to see Do Ho Suh’s memorable installation, which completely transforms the space in which it sits. We are delighted that the legacy of Art Fund International continues.'

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