Turner Prize: Five things to see while you're there

Published 23 October 2013

Heading to Derry-Londonderry for this year's Turner Prize? We've chosen five things to see while you're visiting 2013's UK City of Culture.

1. The city walls

Derry-Londonderry is one of Europe's finest walled cities, with walls that have remained almost perfectly preserved since they were built in the early 17th century. While the city has been besieged three times, culminating in the Great Siege of 1689, no army ever succeeded in breaching the defences, earning Derry-Londonderry the nickname 'The Maiden City'.

2. Void Gallery

Set up in 2005 by a group of artists, Void is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of the city dedicated to showing works by Irish and international artists. An exhibition of works by Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger runs until 25 October, while Veterans/Psychophonies, an exhibition by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra, opens on 9 November.

3. Guildhall

Recently returned to its former grandeur following a £9.5m restoration, this neo-Gothic building with Tudor overtones is home to stunning stained glass and an elaborate pipe organ. Built in 1887 by The Honourable The Irish Society, an organisation set up to colonise Country Londonderry during the plantation of Ulster, Guildhall is home to displays chronicling the city's colonial history.

4. The People's Gallery

Not a traditional gallery but a series of 12 murals spanning the length of Rossville Street, the People's Gallery was created by a trio of painters known as the Bogside Artists. The murals depict scenes from Northern Ireland during the Troubles, from a gasmask-wearing petrol bomber to a commemoration of the 14 men who were killed on Bloody Sunday while attending a civil rights march.

​5. Workhouse Museum

Designed by architect George Wilkinson, Derry-Londonderry's workhouse began operating in 1840 and continued for over a century, eventually being converted into a hospital in 1948. Since 1997 the building has served as a museum, with artefacts illuminating the building's history and exhibitions commemorating the role played by Derry-Londonderry in the Second World War.

The Turner Prize is at the Parade Ground, Ebrington Square until 5 January 2014. Entry is free to all.

This article has been amended in response to the comments below. Thank you everyone for your feedback.

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