Seven sporting exhibitions

Published 23 July 2012

On the brink of the Olympics, we've chosen our favourite seven sporting exhibitions across the UK.

From race-winning works of art to paintings of Wayne Rooney, there are great discounts to be had across the country with your National Art Pass.

1. Designed to Win, Design Museum
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From athletics and cycling to Formula 1, this exhibitions investigates the role played by design in advancing sport. It also turns the idea on its head, looking at the ways in which sport has influence design, art and culture, and asking where the line is drawn between human ability and design prowess.

2. The Perfect Rower, River & Rowing Museum
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Celebrating British Olympic rowing success, this exhibition brings together a range of artefacts marking the history of Team GB. Displays explore the story of 1949 gold medallists Bushnell and Burnell, a look at the evolution of rowing nutrition, from the meet and beer of 1866 to the pasta and Weetabix of the present.

3. Our Sporting Life: Sail for Gold, National Maritime Museum Cornwall
Free entry with National Art Pass

The nationwide exhibition series Our Sporting Life comes to Greenwich to trumpet Great Britain's unrivalled success in Olympic and Paralympic sailing. From its origins as an Olympic sport to the UK's remarkable success in Beijing, the show draws on anecdotes, photographs and keepsakes to tell the story of the event.

4. Sport and Fashion, Fashion Museum
Free with National Art Pass

The connections between fashion and sportswear are at the heart of this exhibition, from the vintage charm of a 19th-century woollen tobogganing outfit to Amy Williams's modern union flag body suit. Sportswear will be presented alongside contemporary fashion to reveal the two fields in symbiosis.

5. Art Drive!, NCP Car Park Shoreditch
Free to all

An East London car park plays host to this exhibition of automotive art with a sporting pedigree. Artists from Andy Warhol to David Hockney are represented by 16 vehicles from BMW's Art Car collection, which also includes Roy Lichtenstein's class-winning 1977 Le Mans car.

6. Sports, Leisure and Fans, The Fan Museum
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The fan has long been an expressive medium for scenes of sport and leisure. This exhibition brings together some charming examples, including early 18th-century designs featuring men and women fishing, Moreau's beautiful depiction of a skating party, and a range of fans from the 1924 Paris Olympics.

7. The Ingram Collection: Celebrating Football, The Lightbox
Free entry

The beautiful game is the focus of this exhibition of Modern and contemporary British art at Woking's Art Fund Prize-winning gallery. The movement, dynamism and physicality of football come to the fore in paintings, prints, photography and sculpture, complemented by a display of Woking Football Club memorabilia.

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