Poussin masterpiece comes to London

Published 19 September 2012

Nicolas Poussin's Extreme Unction has gone on show at the National Gallery, London, as the fundraising campaign to keep it on public display gathers momentum.

The exhibition is part of a joint campaign between the Art Fund and the Fitzwilliam Museum to secure the painting for the Fitzwilliam collection. Over 2,250 members of the public have already contributed, bringing the total amount raised to £550,000. The masterpiece will now go on display at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, giving people in London the opportunity to experience Poussin's magnificent painting first-hand.

Stephen Deuchar, Director of the Art Fund, said, "The National Gallery's support for the campaign and display of the painting emphasises its national importance, and I think anyone who goes to see this spellbinding work whilst it's in London will feel compelled to support the campaign."

Extreme Unction is on display in Room 1 of the National Gallery from 20 September until 11 November. Admission is free to all.

Donate now to help keep this spectacular masterpiece on display.

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