Online: Linderism at Kettle's Yard

Published 13 May 2020

This exhibition celebrates the eclectic work of legendary British artist, Linder.

About the exhibition

This retrospective of British artist Linder’s work explores the diverse range of her practice, beyond her famous photomontages, for which she is best known.

Demonstrating the broad span of Linder’s influences, from feminism to Dadaism, the exhibition reflects on Linder as an active figure in the punk and post-punk music scenes, and her work as a performance artist, zine-maker and documentary-photographer.

How to access online

Linder’s work can be enjoyed through a video tour with the exhibition’s curator, Amy Tobin. A selection of photographs of the exhibition can also be seen on Kettle’s Yard’s Facebook page, and the gallery have moved their series of talks ‘The Six Senses’ online, where members of the University of Cambridge and Linder’s collaborators explore the multi-sensory dimensions of her art.

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