Online: Among The Trees at Hayward Gallery

Published 13 May 2020

Examining the prevalent relationship between humans and trees through the work of 38 international artists.

About the exhibition

This group exhibition at the Hayward Gallery explores our relationship with trees and forests through the works of 38 artists.

Among the Trees takes us on a trip through woodlands around the world, from tropical rainforests in Colombia to olive orchards in Israel and millenary spruces in Sweden.

The show draws attention to the indispensable role that trees play both in our lives and imagination by presenting the beauty, scale and complexity of their make-up.

The works featured aim to expand our thinking: by confronting us with species boasting lifespans much longer than our own, the goal is to challenge how we think about time, and by revealing how trees are intimately entangled with human affairs, the exhibition expands our appreciation of these remarkable organisms.

How to access online

You can explore the exhibition through a virtual tour with the Hayward Gallery’s director Ralph Rugoff. The gallery’s website also features interviews with the artists, together with podcasts and a music playlist.

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