Five things to do in Greenwich

Published 20 July 2016

Off to see the Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I? Here are some more local cultural attractions to see when you're done.

1. National Maritime Museum

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Set in early 19th-century buildings around the Queen's House, the National Maritime Museum contains the Voyagers gallery, which consists of over 2.5 million objects, all arranged according to emotions associated with the sea: anticipation, love, sadness, joy, pride, and aggression.

The highlights of the museum include Captain Cook's journals and paintings of HMS Resolution and Discovery, as well as Art Funded objects belonging to Henry Nelson O'Neill: a purse, a tea caddy, and a toothpick case. Queen's House currently displays Elizabeth I's stunning Armada Portrait, the focus of our latest fundraising campaign to save the work for future generations.

In the new wing of the museum, you can also enjoy the smart Brasserie, run by an award-winning chef, and a British food café, running throughout the day.

2. Cutty Sark

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​The Cutty Sark was built in the mid-18th century and it was one of the last and fastest tea clippers – a type of sailing ship – ever made. After visiting every major port, she was bought by retired sea captain Wilfred Dowman a century ago who thought she ought to be preserved.

Since arriving in Greenwich in 1954, Cutty Sark has functioned as a maritime museum, and visitors can go below decks and see the ship's cabins, as well as a rich collection of artefacts and memorabilia.

3. Fan Museum

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This collection of 4,000 fans is housed in the only museum in the UK that is devoted to the art of fan-making. The collection is very extensive, and features a plethora of 18th- and 19th-century European fans. In addition, a display lays out the history of fans, as well as how they're made and using which materials.

You can also enjoy an afternoon tea in a muraled orangery at the museum that overlooks a 'secret garden'.

4. Ranger's House

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This gorgeous 18th-century villa was built by Captain Francis Hosier in 1723 and since 2002 it has housed the Wernher collection​, consisting of more than 700 works, like paintings by Francesco Francia and Hans Memling, and portraits by George Romney and John Hoppner.​

The collection also contains a number of medieval, Byzantine and Renaissance decorative art, as well as a life-size marble sculpture by Bergonzoli.

5. Royal Observatory

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The Observatory, which is home to Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian line, was founded by Charles II in the late 17th century. Its galleries galleries explore time and space through paintings, clocks and other instruments of astronomy.

You can also use this opportunity to explore Flamsteed House that was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and was previously used as a guest house and hunting lodge by King Henry VIII.

Donate now to help bring Elizabeth I's Armada Portrait to the Queen's House in Greenwich. All donations will be match-funded, making each of your donations doubly valuable.

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