Five contemporary exhibitions

Published 20 November 2013

Melancholy photography, food sculptures and Britain's best-selling artist – discover the latest and greatest art with these five contemporary shows.

1. Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists
Tate Britain, London
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Fake fireplaces in fake rooms, captivating abstract geometry and a cubist take on silent film are among the paintings on show at this fascinating and focused exhibition of contemporary British painting. The artists exhibited range from Turner Prize-winner Tomma Abts to relative unknowns including Simon Ling and Lucy McKenzie.

2. Jack Vettriano: A Retrospective
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow
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Art critics have never been kind to Jack Vettriano, accusing him of chauvinism, mindlessness and 'colouring in', but the Glasgow-born painter's softly seductive scenes have seduced millions around the world. This comprehensive retrospective brings together more than 100 of his paintings, from his ubiquitous romantic scenes to a selection of his erotic works.

3. Dayanita Singh: Go Away Closer
Hayward Gallery, London
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Haunting portraits of Indian families, photographs of archive rooms displayed in portable galleries, the mundane world transformed into something dreamlike through colour and lighting – the latest project from Indian photographer Dayanita Singh is as captivating as it is melancholy. Visitors to the Hayward can also see Ana Mendieta, an exhibition charting the work of the Cuban performance artist who died in 1985.

​4. Basil Beattie: Promises, Promises
Jerwood Gallery, East Sussex
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Known for his large-scale abstract works, Basil Beattie attended the college of art in his hometown of West Hartlepool before pursuing a career in London. This selection of works chosen by guest curator Mel Gooding shows Beattie's latest works, which Gooding describes as 'exhilarating, terrifically energetic, urgent and mysterious'.

5. Sarah Lucas
Whitechapel Gallery, London
Free to all

A leading figure of the Young British Artists group that emerged from Goldsmiths College in the 90s, Sarah Lucas has remade some of her greatest pieces for this powerful exhibition, displayed alongside new works. Her confrontational sculptures straddle surrealism, sexual politics and morbid humour, creating raw physical forms from found objects, industrial materials and food.

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