Barns-Graham painting given to Edinburgh

Published 17 April 2014

Untitled – Firth of Forth, a major abstract work by Scottish artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, has been given to Edinburgh's City Art Centre through the Art Fund.

The painting was inspired by Barns-Graham's experience of crossing the Forth Rail Bridge, the struts of the cantilever bridge represented by bold red strokes across the canvas.

It was given to City Art Centre through the Art Fund by the Barns-Graham Charitable Trust, an organisation established to further the understanding of Barns-Graham's art across the UK.

Untitled – Firth of Forth Series will go on display for the first time on 26 April at A-Z: An Alphabetical Tour of Scottish Art, a free exhibition to mark the opening of City Art Centre's newest permanent gallery space.

The exhibition features works by sculptors, painters, photographers and printmakers from the 17th century to the present day, representing the key movements that have shaped Scotland's artistic identity.

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