Artists on art: Linder

Published 4 July 2016

As an exhibition of masterpieces that once belonged to painters opens at the National Gallery, we ask artists to name a work that has particularly moved, influenced, fascinated or inspired them.

The Little Garden of Paradise, by the Upper Rhenish Master, c1410-20

I’ve been researching Alison and Peter Smithson’s House of the Future (1956) for a new performance at the ICA and I love the fact that the Smithsons’ ‘crib sheet’ was this painting, which was made more than 500 years earlier. I study the painting with forensic zeal and I steal its colour palette for my new work, just as the Smithsons did for theirs. The hexagonal table in the painting will become an overblown and overturned stage at the ICA – think Busby Berkeley meets the Upper Rhenish Master on the Duke of York steps. Paradise!

Linder performs on the Duke of York steps outside the ICA as part of Art Night on 2 July, supported by Art Happens.

Painters' Paintings: From Freud to Van Dyck is at the National Gallery, 23 June – 4 September.

To read more on artists’ accounts of works that influenced or inspired them, see ‘The Power of Paintings’ in the summer 2016 issue of Art Quarterly. To receive the magazine, buy a National Art Pass and become a member.

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