Art From Elsewhere tour announced

Published 17 September 2014

Key works of international contemporary art from six regional museums – acquired through an ambitious Art Fund collecting scheme – are to tour the UK.

From Ai Weiwei to Ana Menideta, Kara Walker to Imran Qureshi, Art From Elsewhere is testament to the talent and diversity of artists working across the world today. The exhibition – a collaboration with Hayward Touring – draws out the highlights from the contemporary international art collections of six regional museums and, from October, it will be shown at venues across the UK. The works were acquired through an Art Fund scheme that sought to enhance collections of international contemporary art at museums and galleries outside of London.

Art From Elsewhere on tour

  • Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Glasgow: 24 October 2014 – 1 February 2015
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery: 14 February 31 May 2015
  • mima, Middlesbrough: 19 June – 27 September 2015
  • Harris Museum, Preston: 10 October – 30 November 2015
  • Towner, Eastbourne: 23 January – 3 April 2016
  • Bristol Museum & Art Gallery and the Arnolfini: 22 April – 17 July 2016

Featuring painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography, the exhibition will change from city to city in order to draw out the full range of each of the collections. The works address an array of important topical issues; life in conflict zones, oppressive government regimes, the advent of capitalism and post colonial experiences. It has been curated by David Elliot, former director of major museums in Stockholm, Tokyo and Istanbul.

Steven Deuchar, director of the Art Fund, said: “Art Fund International is one of the most ambitious collecting schemes ever launched by the Art Fund. Art From Elsewhere not only celebrates its success but also, more importantly, draws attention to growing public interest in international art of the moment.

“Thanks to the expertise of David Elliott and the determination of Hayward Touring, a wide range of people across the UK will be able to see and experience some extraordinary highlights from these new, emerging museum collections.”

Art From Elsewhere is comprised of works from the collections of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in partnership with The New Art Gallery Walsall; Bristol Museum & Art Gallery; GoMA, Glasgow; Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima); and Towner, Eastbourne. The exhibition will open in Glasgow on 24 October 2014, before touring the UK during 2015-6.

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