The exhibition title came from the artists’ collective observation of on patient, photographed in 1897 of patient looking upward toward the light, along with the stained glass windows depicting Saints and healing that bathe the asylum church, now the museum, in coloured light. Their use of different media from textiles, photographs, pencil to paint reflect their personal responses to the collection, informed by their own health.

Many aspects of the museum and its history - from a padded room to the use of mosquito borne malaria for treatment - caught the imaginations of Jackie Bennett, Steve Burden, Steven Edgar, George Harding, Jasmine Janiurek, Anna Rathbone, Ally Schooler, Alison Willis, Natasha Harrison and Damien Moran

In addition to the story of the psychiatric hospital, Glenside Hospital Museum also contains exhibits on the First World War, when the building became Beaufort War Hospital from 1915-1919, treating just under 30,000 wounded soldiers, and giving inspiration to the artist Sir Stanley Spencer who worked there as an orderly. As well as the history of the Stoke Park Colony of Learning Disability hospitals.

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