Contemporary artist Mónica de Miranda explores the connections between the land and colonial history through the lens of Afrodiasporic experience.

Mónica de Miranda is an Angolan-Portuguese artist working primarily in photography and film, producing powerful work which draws from postcolonial politics in relation to Africa and its diaspora.

The Island sits at the centre of the exhibition – this film work uses the metaphor of ‘the island’ as a utopian place of isolation, refuge and escape. Interestingly, the artist also explores the soil as an organic archive, deeply connected to the memory of ecological trauma driven by colonial excavations. The work ultimately brings together a number of intertwined narratives, from African liberation movements to migratory experiences and feminist thought, to explore the long history of black presences in Portugal.

Alongside this is a series of photographs, commissioned with support from Art Fund through the Respond & Reimagine programme as part of Autograph’s Amplify – Stranger in the Village: Afro European matters project. The project saw three artists with Afrodiasporic experience of Europe commissioned to create new works, addressing the representation of black women artists in UK collections.

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