Treeline is a collectively made film compiled from hundreds of hours of footage of forests submitted by people across the world.

In The Forest Something Stirred is an exhibition featuring two new commissions, Treeline by Ruth Maclennan and Natural Error by Rodell Warner. Treeline is on show at John Hansard Gallery on our Digital Array, while Natural Error is available online.

From a patchwork of disparate individual contributions (sent in by scientists, ecologists, artists and members of the public alike), Maclennan traces a sinuous green line that stretches from the wild woods of North America to the rainforests of the Amazon to the copses of middle England and the scrublands of Africa, as well as myriad places in-between.

Co-commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Forestry England, the exhibition is supported by John Hansard Gallery, University of Glasgow, and Arts Council England.

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