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Golden Thread Gallery presents a new solo exhibition by Lennon.

This exhibtion marks the second solo exhibition by the artist at Golden Thread Gallery, who previously exhibited Porous Plane in 2019.

The subject of Lennon’s paintings is always the viewer, and their experience of the painting is the content.

He says: ‘Everyone’s field of vision is different. Beyond your field of vision, nothing is being seen at all. You are relying on imagination to hold what is beyond your field of vision as still being there, still real. We are all made of a composite body. We are always interwoven and interacting with reality and with imagination.’

Seen as it’s made = Made as it’s seen also marks a new appearance of Folded/Unfolded, a work with a 50-year legacy. It will be made in the gallery space itself in August 2021.

The piece will be accompanied by works on paper by Lennon, spanning his career over the past five decades to the present.

Image credit: Collection of CL

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