Museums and galleries across the UK are subject to temporary closures. Those that remain open have safety measures in place, please remember to check venue guidelines before visiting.

Maker’s Eye: Stories of Craft is the first exhibition in the new Crafts Council Gallery.

In the largest presentation of the Crafts Council collection to date, the exhibition presents 150 craft objects made in the UK over the course of the Crafts Council’s 50-year history, as selected by 13 makers and one curator.

The exhibition is a celebration of how irreverent, political, joyful and challenging craft can be, and invites personal reflection on what it means to each of us. Maker's Eye has been supported by Art Fund and TM Lighting.

We're taking bookings until 21 August. More tickets released soon. The following slots have designated for those who identify as clinically vulnerable and have been shielding throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.

Thursday 8 July, 11am
Thusday 22 July, 11am
Thursday 5 August, 11am
Thursday 19 August, 11am
Thursday 2 September, 11am
Thursday 16 September, 11am
Thursday 30 September, 11am

Please book a ‘Shielders Free Ticket’ upon booking. This slot follows a morning clean of the space. Our visitor capacity at this time is 6 people, as with our regular slots. A carer may accompany you on the same ticket, but we’d appreciate you letting us know in advance if this is the case.

Please note, there are no cloakroom facilities at the gallery.

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