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Separate fact from fiction in this myth-busting exhibition in a unique collaboration with the JORVIK Group, the people behind JORVIK Viking Centre York.

When most people think of Vikings they imagine bearded warriors wreaking havoc, or legendary gods with magic hammers. But the Norse people who settled in Northern England in the 9th and 10th centuries also had a fascinating culture.

Explore who they really were, from the clothes they wore to the activities they did for fun. Discover 1000 year-old artefacts and see how the Vikings impacted the world, not just through raiding and conquering but through craft-making and trading. Children will also love getting hands on with the Viking-age in exciting themed activities at the exhibition.

Director of Attractions for the JORVIK Group, which is owned and operated by York Archaeological Trust, Sarah Maltby, explains: “At JORVIK Viking Centre we like to challenge people’s preconceptions of the Vikings, using archaeological evidence to explore their complex culture and lifestyle as well as their war-mongering tendencies. We’re delighted to be sharing artefacts and knowledge with Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery, in a part of the world where the Vikings roamed and settled 1000 years ago.”

Jane Mann, a volunteer at Bailiffgate said “We’re thrilled to be working with the JORVIK Group to bring the Vikings back to Alnwick for an exciting summer exhibition and programme of events and activities”.

You can also shop great books about the Vikings, with publications suitable for all ages in the online bookshop.

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