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Huge video projections of objects being unwrapped and opened underwater by London artist Alex Frost, selected from a series of videos that went viral on YouTube in 2018.

In the summer of 2018, Frost filmed himself slowly unpacking products from an 'on the go' lifestyle, such as vitamin tablets, cold brew coffee, ready meals and energy drinks, in a glass tank filled with fresh water. This series of 48 films was uploaded to YouTube under the title Wet Unboxings, a reference to the online trend of ‘unboxing’ where a product is unpacked, explained and demonstrated, all of which is captured on video and uploaded to the internet. Frost's films instead have a mesmerising effect with the seemingly everyday objects taking on a strangely beautiful quality when released underwater.

A quarter of the original 48 films will be projected on to the walls of the gallery in this exhibition, which will also house a number of wall-based sculptures made from sandwiches and frozen pizzas encased in resin, foods that are part of the same optimised transient lifestyle that the videos try to capture.

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