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European Old Master paintings featuring castles and fortresses on display in Wales for the first time.

In 2017, The Fortress of Königstein from the North (1756-8) was saved for the nation. The sharp and angular Saxon fortress (southeast of Dresden) silhouetted against a pale sky, is one of the five views of Königstein commissioned from Venetian master Bernardo Bellotto by King Augustus III of Poland in 1756.

To celebrate its acquisition, and reflect the commitment of London’s National Gallery to ensure its collection is shared and enjoyed throughout the UK, this work, accompanied by five other National Gallery European Old Master paintings featuring castles and fortresses, will be shown in exhibitions and displays in venues around the UK in a tour supported by Art Fund.

As part of the interpretation of the exhibition, schoolchildren were invited to explore what castles mean to them and to respond imaginatively to Bellotto’s painting. These responses are in the form of ‘gifs’ that they created with an artist and which will be shown on a screen in the exhibition.


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