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Portraying Pregnancy: From Holbein to Social Media is temporarily closed until further notice. Please check the venue's website for the latest details.

Portraying Pregnancy is a major exhibition exploring representations of the pregnant female body through portraits, over 500 years.

Until the 20th century, many women spent most of their adult years pregnant. Despite this, pregnancies are seldom apparent in surviving portraits. This exhibition brings together images of women – mainly British – who were depicted at a time when they were pregnant (whether visibly so or not).

Through paintings, prints, photographs, objects and clothing from the 15th century to the present day, this exhibition explores the different ways in which pregnancy was, or was not, represented; how shifting social attitudes have impacted on depictions of pregnant women; how the possibility of death in childbirth brought additional tension to such representations; and how more recent images, which often reflect increased female agency and empowerment, still remain highly charged.

Portraying Pregnancy, brings together, for the first time, rare examples of these portraits providing an exceptional opportunity to situate contemporary issues of women’s identity, emotion, empowerment and autonomy in a 500-year context.


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