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This exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of the career of Italian painter Tullio Crali, one of Futurism key representatives and notable figure within the genre of ‘aeropainting‘.

For Tullio Crali (1910-2000) Futurism was not just a school of painting, but an attitude to life itself. Reflecting the movement’s enthusiasm for the modern world, his imagery embraced technology and the machine as important sources of creative inspiration.

Cralli’s work is most closely associated with the genre of ‘aeropainting’, which dominated Futurist research during the 1930s, and focused on “the immense visual and sensory drama of flight”. In 1928 Crali flew for the first time, and his enthusiasm for flying influenced his art. Cralli is noted for paintings that focus on the mechanics of aerial warfare, and combine speed and aerial mechanisation.

This exhibition covers every phase of the artist’s remarkably coherent career and features rarely seen works from the 1920s to the 1980s. It includes iconic aeropaintings, experimental works of visual poetry, mixed-media reliefs, as well as examples of ‘cosmic’ imagery dating from the 1960s, inspired by advances in space exploration. Also featured are a large number of Crali’s famous Sassintesi: enigmatic compositions of stone and rock, ‘sculpted’ by natural forces.

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