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This exhibition explores this colourful monarch’s fascination with horseracing, giving fresh insights into the life of a man who defined an era.

Variously cast in the public imagination as a dissolute wastrel, builder of the Brighton Pavilion or the slow-witted dupe of his scheming butler in the TV classic Blackadder, George IV is one of British history’s most fascinating and misunderstood figures.

This exhibition at Palace House in Newmarket explores George’s legacy as not only a great patron and collector of art, but also as prominent and, at times controversial, patron of horse racing. Many of the works featured, including portraiture, comical etchings and historic trophies, are lent by Her Majesty the Queen from the Royal Collection and offer an exceptional glimpse into the sport of kings. The objects on display at Palace House connect Newmarket with George IV in many ways: by showing the company he kept, the lives he and his contemporaries led, and the animals they cherished.

South East

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