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Visitors of all ages can enjoy sculptures brought to life with this triple-bill of exhibitions.

All three exhibition spaces within the gallery are filled with automata, with displays ranging from sculptures of swaying trees in the courtyard to miniature bike riding skeletons within the gallery.

The main auditorium in the gallery features the Little Machines exhibition by Huddersfield artist engineer Martin Smith. Visitors can see his colourful, witty and beautifully engineered automata that interact with their viewers. They include wind-driven swaying trees to tiny beating hearts and hand-held machines.

Alongside Little Machines, is an exhibition titled Ghost Horses and Guns by artist Melanie Tomlinson, which draws on Tomlinson’s fascination with the forgotten spaces between urban and rural landscapes.

The final exhibition is Tiny Movements, which features one-inch miniature automata, each powered by the pull of almost invisible wire or a tiny crank, created by Laurence and Angela St Leger.

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