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To mark 180 years since the Newport Rising, this exhibition explores themes of power, responsibility, surveillance and the curation of history.

Riches and Rebellion explores the Morgans of Tredegar’s role in the Newport uprising, the surveillance of their tenants and Octavius Morgan’s passion for collection and curation.

On 4 November 1839, 10,000 Chartists mobilised and marched towards Newport to show strength of support for political reform, the release of Chartist prisoners and their determination to have the People’s Charter accepted. What ensued was one of the most violent events in the movement for political reform.

At the time of the Rising the Morgans of Tredegar were one of the most powerful families in South Wales. As the largest landowner in the region, the Morgans were responsible for tenants from the Vale to the Valleys. Sir Charles Morgan became the focus of the Newport Chartists’ anger against the established political system.

The New Parlour will host a series of collection items on loan from the National Library of Wales and Newport Museum, including Chartist posters and trial docu-ments, some of which are out on display for the first time.

Discover the main players of the story and appreciate the resolve of the Chartists through John Frost’s impassioned letters to Sir Charles. See some of those items collected by Octavius, including a copy of a letter implying the real purpose of the Rising and one of the pistols found on John Frost at the time of his arrest the day after the Rising. How or why Octavius obtained these things can only be speculated.


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