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Discover the amazing story of the sun from ancient Norse myths to upcoming NASA missions.

Highlights of the exhibitoin include interactive activities where visitors can ‘try on’ sunglasses from different eras and cultures, an indoor beach and immersive solar storm, plus a prototype fusion reactor and retro posters illustrating how we became a nation of sun worshippers.

Also on display are a Bronze Age Norse golden cup, a Byzantine sundial calendar and Nicolaus Copernicus’ treatise, On The Revolutions Of The Heavenly Orbs. A Babylonian tablet dating to around 600 BCE makes one of the earliest known references to features on the surface of the sun that are now understood to be sunspots, and Galileo Galilei’s writings on sunspots and a replica of his telescope feature.

NASA’s ambitious mission to fly closer to the sun than ever before is also showcased, with a scale model of the Solar Orbiter and the Electron Analyser System used to measure the speed and direction of solar winds.

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