RAW QUEENS presents artists Fatima Mazmouz and Meriem Bennani in an exhibition challenging perceptions of women in the Arab world.

The exhibition looks towards a cultural and political re-evaluation of perceptions of women in the Arab world, specifically in Morocco. It marks the UK debut of Casablanca-based Fatima Mazmouz, alongside Moroccan-born and New York-based Bennani.

Mazmouz uses photography and video to look at Aita performers. These peformers, known as Chikhates have influenced Moroccan literature, poetry, history and activism. The Chikha appears as a woman-warrior, a resistant who fights with dance and words, conveying through her body the tradition of an oral history of the country.

Meriem Bennani’s multimedia practice engages with issues of identity related to femininity, feminism, and the intersection of religious and secular pop culture in Morocco. Her video Ghariba (2017) is a playful, humorous and moving portrait staged as a modern reality TV programme about the daily life of four Moroccan women.

The exhibition is part of Shubbak, London’s biennial festival of Arab contemporary culture.

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