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Gasworks presents the first UK solo exhibition of New York-based artist, filmmaker and writer, Pedro Neves Marques, in collaboration with London-based music producer Fraencis.

2016 saw the rise of the Zika virus epidemic. In Brazil and elsewhere, terror in the face of viral infection was expressed in the language of military invasion. The immune system became a battlefield and the mosquito carrying the virus was declared an enemy of the nation.

It Bites Back features new and existing works based on a laboratory in São Paulo that breeds genetically-engineered mosquitoes. Used as a living insecticide, transgenic male mosquitoes are designed to mate with females and reduce the insect’s population by passing a lethal gene on to their offspring. Ranging from analogue film to sound installation, digital animation and poetry, Neves Marques’ exhibition interrogates the laboratory as a place that defines the biopolitics of the 21st Century.

It Bites Back examines the trauma of biological warfare against the backdrop of epidemics and the increasingly palpable threat against queer lives in Brazil and elsewhere. In the exhibition, body fluids and sex hormones are revealed as agents of power that operate with extraordinary force in our lives at the molecular level. Drawing inspiration from the literary traditions of horror and science fiction, Neves Marques invites the viewer to speculate on the future of love, care and intimacy in the midst of the current rise of authoritarian politics.

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