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This exhibition explores the work of the world famous Oldham-born artist William Stott (1857 -1900).

Stott’s most celebrated painting, Le Passeur, acquired by Tate in 2017 with support from Art Fund, is the centre piece of this exhibition exploring the artist's work and the legacy he left behind.

The show includes loans from Tate, Touchstones Rochdale, Manchester Art Gallery and Aberdeen Art Gallery, as well as key works from Gallery Oldham’s own collection, and also features work by Stott's contemporaries and later artists he influenced.

For most of his career, Stott painted landscapes, but he went in a different direction during the late 1880s and began to move towards pictures involving classical figures and allegorical themes, such as Hide and Seek in the Garden of Epicurus and The Birth of Venus. Stott mainly worked in oils, watercolours and pastels, media appropriate to his atmospheric style.

The acquisition of Le Passeur inspired a national partnership programme with four UK galleries. Having already toured to Oriel y Parc Gallery and Southamtpon City Art Gallery, the painting will next be exhibited at Aberdeen Art Gallery where it will feature in another bespoke context-rich display.

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