The Enchanted Garden

William Morris Gallery

21 October 2018 – 27 January 2019

A wide-ranging exhibition exploring how artists have been inspired by gardens for centuries.

Trellis Wallpaper, designed by William Morris and Philip Webb, 1862

William Morris was a key figure in the development of domestic garden design, helping to popularise the Arts and Crafts garden among the artistic middle class in England and the US. His gardens at Red House and then Kelmscott Manor supplied endless inspiration to Morris, his family and friends.

The Enchanted Garden explores how Morris's contemporaries and subsequent generations of artists – from the Pre-Raphaelites to the Bloomsbury Group – have responded to the allure of garden spaces, using them as stages for the magical, menacing and romantic.

Many works in the exhibition reference real gardens that still enchant visitors today, including Morris’s Red House and Kelmscott Manor, which supplied endless inspiration for him, his family and friends. Featured artists include Claude Monet, Lucian Pissarro, Edward Burne-Jones, Stanley Spencer, Beatrix Potter, Cicely Mary Barker, Roger Fry and Vanessa Bell.

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Wed – Sun, 10am – 5pm

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