James N Kienitz Wilkins: Hearsays


20 September – 16 December 2018

This is the first solo exhibition and a major new commission by Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker James N Kienitz Wilkins.

James N Kienitz Wilkins, Still from Indefinite Pitch, 2016

Hearsays comprises two moving image works: the HD video Indefinite Pitch (2016) and the newly commissioned virtual reality film The Dynamic Range (2018). These are shown alongside a single photographic print, titled The Second Person (2018).

Kienitz Wilkins’ work combines documentary sources with original scriptwriting to investigate the role that narrative plays in the construction of truth. Characterised by an economy of means, his existing works span a range of mediums, from 16mm and Beta SP through to high definition video.

They also engage with issues that relate directly to his personal life, such as race relations in New England, where he grew up, or labour conditions in the digital age, which he contends with every day. The results are both funny – full of wordplay, wisecracks and ideas collapsing in upon other ideas – and provocative – peppered with matter-of-fact observations and fragments of uncomfortable truth.

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During exhibitions: Wed – Sun, 12 – 6pm or by appointment

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