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Architects Studio Mutt create four architectural ‘characters’ to inhabit Sir John Soane’s Museum in a new project for London Design Festival 2018.

In 1812, John Soane wrote Crude Hints towards an History of my House, a strange and perplexing text in which he imagined his home as a ruin centuries in the future, inspected by visitors who speculate on its origins and function. In particular Soane suggested that visitors might infer the museum to have been inhabited by four characters: a Lawyer, a Monk, a Magician and an Architect.

Over 200 years later, these characters will be brought to life by MUTT as architectural compositions of ornament, colour and form. The four characters will be installed as ‘inhabitants’ in different locations in the Museum.

Colourful, rich in decoration and drawing from the wealth of source material in the Museum and Soane’s work, each character communicates with the space it inhabits. Where modernist architecture sees ornament, colour and character as superfluous elements of architectural design, with this project MUTT reveal how they can communicate and give life to buildings of all scales.

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