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This exhibition shows Goya and Hogarth’s works together for the first time, offering a unique opportunity to compare their extraordinary graphic work.

Francesco José de Goya Lucientes (1746-1828) and William Hogarth (1647-1764) were the most remarkable artists of their times. Both were famous painters, but their most compelling works are the prints that they made and published themselves. Often produced in serial format, like graphic novels, the prints were aimed at a more popular market than their paintings.

Both outsiders, Hogarth and Goya cast their candid gazes on their dysfunctional societies. Poverty, warfare, violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking, political corruption and alcoholism were all subjected to their forensic scrutiny – no topic was off-limits.

These challenging prints provoke a spectrum of responses, including shock, discomfort, laughter and empathy. The scenarios that Goya and Hogarth unflinchingly depicted are startlingly familiar to the contemporary viewer, and the images provoke us to turn our embarrassed gazes on our own society and ourselves.

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