Evan Ifekoya: Ritual Without Belief


5 July – 2 September 2018

A solo exhibition and major new commission by London-based artist Evan Ifekoya.

Evan Ifekoya, No 1: Start from a place of Abundance, 2018

This exhibition comprises an installation and extended sound work lasting six hours – the length of Gasworks’ opening hours – which Ifekoya describes as ‘a black queer algorithm across generations, locations and political affiliations’.

It is made up of different textures, qualities and recording techniques that evoke contrasting moods and situations: from a near-constant layer of underwater and inner body sounds to a fugue-like chorus that gives structure to the work and demands periodic attention. Vocal samples draw from literature and theory, music, conversations with friends, and other more intimate thoughts and reflections, often returning to key refrains.

Suspended from the gallery ceiling, the bespoke sound system was designed and made with a group of London-based peers and will be maintained as a community resource in future. A grayscale ocean covers the floor, arching upwards in waves at either end of the gallery.

At the crest of the largest wave is an installation of black, white, silver and lilac helium balloons that references The Loft, a party that revolutionised the club scene in downtown Manhattan during the 1970s. These will deflate and fall over time, slowly bringing the party to an end.

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During exhibitions: Wed – Sun, 12 – 6pm or by appointment

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